How to allow users to post for limited time until I introduce payments

Hey guys, sorry the title isn’t quite clear. I’m making an app that allows users to list things for sale on my app as adverts

However as there isn’t a payments module yet in expo, I’m going to postpone payments and give the app a chance to gain a small userbase.

The problem lies in how I should go about this, I’ve never used payments in any kind of app development before and am cautious not to sting myself later down the line

The app uses firebase firestore for the backend, and I’ve sorted the listing functions, removal, clean up etc, but these would need to change if I implement payments down the line.

I’m assuming it’s a bad idea to just let users automatically post to the firestore database as anyone with an old version will already have the code in place to do so. It would then come down to what security rules I have set up but I’m unsure how I will tie this in with payments

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

Hi! It sounds like you probably want to still have some kind of user account associated with each install, even if the users aren’t paying yet. I would caution you about making business decisions based on when we will be able to release new features – we don’t currently have a timeline we can commit to for including payments in the SDK. We hope to make it possible soon, but can’t guarantee anything.

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