How To Allow Access Camera on react-native-webview using expo?

I have web application and on my form i using tag <type="file" accept="image/*;capture=camera"> to take a picture.
I serve my web application on http://localhost:8080,
I try to view my web application on React Native WebView but… my camera can’t be opened…

Can i allow access camera on react-native-webview using expo?


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same, any ideas?

I don’t know if there any way to use device cam in webview, this does not make sense because you are working on another platform like a web browser, but u can sheet on webview by add injection js to execute a function that open u r cam and take the URL and send it as props to HTML component,

this solution working with a webview that render u r HTML code,

You have one exemple? I need open camera to scan qr and barcode. I inplement this function in my web aplication, but i cant get permission to acess devices cameras. You sayd that i thinked but how can i do this?I would have to find some way to stop the webview by clicking on the qrscanner button, reading the qr with the specific library and reopening the webview on another link passing the result as a parameter, but I can’t imagine how I could do that.

If you are still stuck on this, try to work the bar code side as react native component then the result of this process is what ever data you can pass it to the web view in many way even if it url show injection js code inside webview l, if still not get the concept share u r code.

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