How to add Flow? or another Type Checker

Hello, I would like to integrate Flow into my Expo app. I saw this: that shows that Flow was removed (I’m not sure why, sorry I’m new to this if it’s obvious).

As my app is getting more complex, I’m finding some errors I run into could have easier been avoided with a type checker. Does Expo have a flag somewhere where I can enable one? Almost every tutorial I see about how to integrate Flow seems outdated and I’m scared to mess up my project. Has anyone here recently implemented Flow into their Expo app that could provide simple instructions? I’m not opposed to using something else than Flow, it just seems Flow would be easier to integrate than rewriting everything into, for example: TypeScript form. Surely Expo knows people would want something like this and have some option.

Anyone :sob:

hi @dogofpavlov, afaik you can use flow (Setting up Flow - #2 by notbrent), but its tricky because of errors from upstream repos:

@quinlanj Thanks for the reply!

Hmm, this seems a lot more advanced than I think I’m capable, I struggle with most things that are working as is (as far as setting up projects go, it’s by far the hardest part of JS development, or at least for me). I was hoping there was just some flag I’d need to enable or something. Do you use Flow in your Expo projects? or any other Type checker? or are most people just not using a type checker?

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it. Expo has been wonderful so far I’m just trying to understand it better.

I use Typescript !

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