How to add billing permission to expo managed app?

  1. I’m using expo sdk 42.0.0
  2. The relevant platform is android

I’m using expo managed workflow, and right now I’m trying to implement IAP (In App Purchases). I saw that google play won’t let me add In App Product because I don’t have the BILLING permission in my apk/aab.

What I already did:

  1. I’ve installed expo-in-app-purchases because I though it would make expo add the BILLING permission automatically.
  2. I tried added to the app.json file the following line, although it’s not available in the expo app.json documentation:
    "permissions": [""]
  3. I also notice that when I add other permissions, it does not work. Maybe there is a problem with expo app.json permission in android.

Nothing worked. What can I do more to add the BILLING permission to my app?

Actually the second point did work. It was a problem of the build process. It didn’t take the current app.json, it used cached app.json because I used --no-publish in the build process

Android - In App Purchase - you need to add the BILLING permission to your APK

  1. I downloaded TRIVAL-DRIVER project.
  2. Create a new library Project “BILLLING LIBRARY” with my Custom package name eg:
  3. Copy All UTLITY files ALONG .AIDL file[with default package name]in my new Project.

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