How should I exit In App Purchases Test Mode

So I decided to implement in-app-purchases using expo-in-app-purchases . everything worked greet.

Now I have done my part and want it on Production mode.

When I try to Buy thing in my app it says test Card How should I exit this?

I have released now my app on google play console and its in review.

Should I just wait until the Review part is done and then it automatically exist the test mode?

Here is the payment class that I currently have.

import * as InAppPurchases from 'expo-in-app-purchases';
export default class payment {
    private static finishTransactionCallback?: (purchase: any) => Promise<void>;
    constructor() {


    public static connectAsync = async () => {
        await InAppPurchases.connectAsync();
        InAppPurchases.setPurchaseListener(async ({ responseCode, results, errorCode }) => {
            // Purchase was successful
            if (responseCode === InAppPurchases.IAPResponseCode.OK) {
                results.forEach(purchase => {
                    if (!purchase.acknowledged) {
                        console.log(`Successfully purchased ${purchase.productId}`);
                        // Process transaction here and unlock content...
                        // Then when you're done
                        payment.finishTransactionAsync(undefined, purchase);
            } else
                if (responseCode === InAppPurchases.IAPResponseCode.USER_CANCELED) {
                    console.log('User canceled the transaction');
                } else if (responseCode === InAppPurchases.IAPResponseCode.DEFERRED) {
                    console.log('User does not have permissions to buy but requested parental approval (iOS only)');
                } else {
                    console.warn(`Something went wrong with the purchase. Received errorCode ${errorCode}`);

    public static async disconnectAsync() {
        await InAppPurchases.disconnectAsync();

    public static getPurchaseHistoryAsync = async () => {
        var item = await InAppPurchases.getPurchaseHistoryAsync();
        if (item && item.results && item.results.length > 0)
            return item.results;
        else return [] as (InAppPurchases.InAppPurchase | InAppPurchases.IAPItemDetails)[];

    public static getProducts = async (itemList: string[]) => {
        var item = await InAppPurchases.getProductsAsync(itemList);
        if (item && item.results && item.results.length > 0)
            return item.results;
        else return [] as (InAppPurchases.InAppPurchase | InAppPurchases.IAPItemDetails)[];

    public static finishTransactionAsync = async (callBack?: (purchase: any) => Promise<void>, purchase?: any) => {
        try {
            if (callBack)
                payment.finishTransactionCallback = callBack;
            else {
                await InAppPurchases.finishTransactionAsync(purchase, false);
                purchase.acknowledged = true;
                if (payment.finishTransactionCallback)
                    await payment.finishTransactionCallback(purchase);

        } catch (error) {

    public static async requestPayment(productId: string) {
        try {
            await InAppPurchases.purchaseItemAsync(productId);
            return true;
        catch (error) {
            console.log("Something went wrong. with purchase:" + productId);

        return false;

Please do help I am really new to this and I do not know if there is any additional steps need to do on google play console or in the code.

am also trying to implement in-app-purchases using expo-in-app-purchases.But
await connectAsync(); returns “undefined” for i couldn’t able to proceed further.Any help?

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As I know ConnectAsync is a Pramise<Void> so it should not return anything.

This is my second question here and no answer. I really wonder is it that they cant answer or they dont bother.


Test the implementation of your in-app purchase using real product information and server-to-server on the device, the user should observe a successful purchase. If your game has DLC or offers in-app purchases, this manager is for you! while in application Test Mode, you can freely make purchases of SKUs Mode on and Application Test Mode on , and enter your application ID; Exit user settings.

Ok now im totally lost, I have no idea what you talking about.

I have created in-app product on google play console. and there those are real product information that I get by InAppPurchases.getProductsAsync which then I pass those productId on to requestPayment. Where should I enter the ApplicationId?

google in-app purchase should automatically discover the ApplicationID is it not?

Could you please clarify what you mean ?

Ok Now I understood why it did not work, it was so that I used the same development account on my phone and that is why it did not work :slight_smile:
Damnt how should I have known.

Did you have fix the issue.

Yes, I only need to login with with different google play account then my developer account on phone

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