How privacy updating works

how does privacy setting work in expo. I selected “privacy”: “unlisted” in under app.json.
Do I need to submit a new ipa file to the app store or can I just trigger a new build using expo to change that to public? Does it work the same way in the android play store?

Thanks a lot. Not sure what to do. Since I would like to change the privacy at least in the app store to public. Thanks a lot for any hint!

the privacy setting was previously used to determine whether your project page (eg: would be visible in the search from and within the expo client app and indexable on google. we no longer expose search for project pages, so the field doesn’t have much meaning anymore.

Thanks a lot for the very fast answer. I though it might have some effects on the play store or app store. That is not the case :slight_smile: very good!

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