How long will you give support to take binary build in expo version 17?

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I am using expo version 17 in my app. Every month you are releasing a new version and hiding older version from your document When I started a few months ago version 15 is the lower one on the list. Now version 17.

In my app, if I tried to upgrade my expo version, I need to upgrade react native version also. But my other module’s dependencies are conflicting with the new version of react native. So I planned to stay on the version 17. No more issue now.

Here is my question comes, After few month later you may remove the version 17 from the document version list. Are you still give the support to take build for iOS and Android on version 17 (exp build:ios || exp build:android)? If you give support means, How long will you give support to take binary build in the version 17? Otherwise, is there any way to take build?

Hi! We’ll probably stop supporting new builds for SDK 17 in the next few months, unfortunately. That said, it shouldn’t be necessary to run exp build very often – most users only do it when updating SDK versions or changing their icons or other fields in app.json. If you’re just updating your JavaScript you can run exp publish to release your JS without starting a new binary build.

To answer your question, you can build standalone apps yourself. Our build service is mostly a wrapper around the build scripts linked in that README.

Which dependencies are you using which are stuck on an old version of React Native? Ideally we could figure out a way to help you upgrade RN, as each release includes many upstream bug fixes in addition to the new SDK features.

Hi dikaiosune,

Thank you for your help and response. I will try to remove many dependencies and upgrade again.

FYI, we typically announce dropped SDK versions in the release notes for new versions. This post indicates that we’re making plans to drop SDK 17 soon.

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Thank you for the information.

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