How does OTA work when I change something under ios / android?

  1. SDK Version: 37
  2. Platforms: Android/iOS


My app is already deployed and available in the Apple Appstore and Google PlayStore.
Now I want to add a barcode scanner to my app. Therefore I have to add permissions to “android” and “ios” in app.json.

Question 1:
I need to add ["CAMERA"] to android because initially I set "permissions": [] and I need to add "infoPlist": { "NSCameraUsageDescription": "This app uses the camera to scan barcodes." }, under ios. Is this correct?

Question 2:
How does OTA work in this case? I definitely need to make a new build via expo:build, correct? But when I run expo:build, it also does expo:publish, doesn’t it? Does that mean, that all my barcode screens and so, are already in the app but unusable as long as the new build is not approved by Apple/Google?

Thank you


The answer to all of your questions is “yes”.

You can prevent the older versions of the app from downloading the newly published code by publishing to a different release channel.

Thank you

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