How does Expo render IOS app in there own app ?

Hi guys,

I’ve make a lot’s of searched to know “How does Expo render IOS app in there own app ?” but I’ve don’t found any good answers.

I already know how react-native works, but I’m asking about :

  • How does Expo can render our app in an other App ? (I imagine that Expo app download our javascript code and run it but it’s seems me blurred)
  • How does Expo can build our app (.ipa) without xcode ?

Please light me.

Thanks for reading.

Hey @lucasmrdt,

You are correct on how your app experience is run on the Expo Client. The client fetches the bundle from the URL that is serving your app’s JS.

As for how you are able to build an IPA without Xcode, we perform the build operation on our servers which run instances of the MacOS.



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