How do we specify that we're sending a local notification?

Hi everyone!

I’m new to using Expo (and a tad less new to mobile development as a whole), and in the documentation for Notifications on SDK version 41, it said up top:

“The expo-notifications provides an API to fetch push notification tokens and to present, schedule, receive and respond to notifications.”

And I noticed in the documentation for migrating from LegacyNotifications that the expo-notifications package replaces the old scheduleLocalNotificationAsync with scheduleNotificationAsync.

However, in the docs for scheduleNotificationAsync, I didn’t see any mention of whether those notifications are push notifications or local notifications. Is there anything specific I need to do to make it send local notifications, and if I am using local notifications from expo-notifications, do I need to set up anything with Firebase to send and receive those notifications on Android, or is that just for push notifications?

Thanks in advance!

scheduleNotificationAsync schedules a local notification. A push notification requires you to send a fetch request to Expo’s servers

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