How do we repeat sounds with Expo.Audio.Sound?

I’ve been following this example to make sound effects upon taking a photo (or reading a bar code).

Here is an excerpt of what I’ve been experimenting…

 constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      sound: new Expo.Audio.Sound(),
 async componentWillMount() {
    await this.state.sound.loadAsync(require('./assets/blah.mp3'));
 _handleBarCodeRead = async(val) => {
    try {
      await this.state.sound.playAsync(); //This works, but just only once!
    catch (error) {

Once _handleBarCodeRead is called, blah.mp3 is played as expected.
However, when I have _handleBarCodeRead called again, this sound is not played.
(In order to repeat the sound, I have to go to another component and come back to this component)

How do we play a loaded sound resource multiple times without changing views?
Any advice will be appreciated.


hey hope this might help here is a link to a sampler that plays sounds as many times as you press a button. here is the link to the repo hope it helps. make sure where you test is not set to silent.

I would recommend reseting the sound before playing it:

await sound.setPositionAsync(0);
await sound.playAsync();

Here is an example:


Thank you so much!

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