How do OTA updates work with Ejected apps?

I’ve read the documentation on here:

But (like much of the documentation), it’s not clear whether that applies just to “normal” expo apps, or also ejected apps. It keeps using words like “experience”, which sounds like Expo apps you would launch from the Expo client, not Ejected apps which are self-contained.

Anyway, my client claims that they were running version 1.0.22 of my app. That was an over-the-air update. But today they claim that it reverted back to 1.0.13, which was the version of the bundle included in the *.ipa

Is that possible? Or are they likely mistaken and must have re-installed the *.ipa? How does the caching work for OTA updates?


I’ve seen some odd caching behavior as well. What phone was your client on?

hi, there is an issue for this which we’ve deployed a fix for

Please let us know if this solves your problem

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