How do I update the binary

I’m wondering how I go about updating the binary for my app? I’ve updated the SDK and the account being used with expo and I need to update the binary with Apple. But I don’t see any instructions on how to do that. When I try submitting my existing app using exp build:ios it fails because there’s already an existing app.

Also note that I updated the exp command using npm, and now when I run exp build:ios it says:

00:34:13 [exp] Checking if current build exists...

00:34:14 [exp] No currently active or previous builds for this project.

So it seems like since updating the command can no longer determine if the project already exists in the account. Is there any way to tell expo which project it’s linked to?

I think I figured out the issue. It looks like I logged into another account that the original one I uploaded the project with. But I guess this brings up another question which is, how do I transfer my existing app to another expo account?

Hey @nickv,

Unfortunately we don’t currently have a way for you to transfer projects to a different account. It’s certainly something we want to implement in the future though. Sorry about that.



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