How do I update Apple Push Services Certificate

I recently got an email from Apple stating ‘Apple Push Services Certificate will no longer be valid in 30 days’
Do I need to do anything for this? I can’t find anything in the docs.
Does expo manage my certificates?


Hey @patricklock,

If you choose to allow Expo to manage when building, you can follow this.

If you opted to provide your own manually, you’ll have to do so again OR clear them and choose to allow Expo to handle them.


Thanks @adamjnav How do I know if I opted to allow Expo to manage or not please? I can’t remember. Will I see the new certificate on the Apple connect site after I run the command?

Also I have successfully run the command. I got the message “Successfully built standalone app”. Does this mean I have nothing else to do? Will users get an updated version? I have been using publishing channels to send updates.

If they are on a compatible SDK version and their binary is using the release channel you built with (if you passed one) then yes. You can always pass the --no-publish flag to the build commands to avoid sending an OTA update.

Sorry I’m not clear. So I ran this command to update the certificates

expo build:ios -c --no-publish

Do I also need to run this command for the release channel?

expo publish --release-channel prod-v1

What happens when I publish to the release channel at a later date?

When you run expo publish --release-channel you’ll push an OTA update to every instance of your app that is both running on that release channel and using a compatible SDK version.

Hi, I know that but what I don’t understand is after I have done expo build:ios -c --no-publish does expo publish --release-channel prod-v1 work normally as before? Will running the first command affect future release channel pushes?


No, the command flags -c and --no-publish are just one-offs. The --no-publish flag doesn’t disable or prevent future updates, it just skips the publish step that is expected by default during the build command steps.

So moving forward, your publish commands will work as they did before.


Thanks for clearing that up.

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