How do I target a specific version of iOS

I have built my first expo app which I intend to release for both iOS and Android. I’ve built it using:

“expo”: “~39.0.2”,
“react”: “16.13.1”,

It works perfectly on my physical iPhone 7 running ios 14.2. Running an iphone 7 simulator on ios 12 it does not work at all, the first screen loads but the menu doesn’t work and there are some layout issues.

So my question is where can I find out which versions of iOS which Expo SDK target? And in order to support back to iOS 12, what do I need to do?


Hey @emilyc74, you should not experience any issues supporting iOS12. Expo apps providing support for iOS10-14+. Can you elaborate on what is exactly happening?


Hi Amajnav,

The app opens, I see the splash screen fine, and the main screen opens. But I cannot use it, the app contains a slider and I cannot make it do anything. There is also a bottom tab navigator with two buttons and it takes forever to show the second page when you click the button. Also the second page is largely text and it hasn’t;t rendered correctly at all. I’ve used it on my iPhone 7 device no problem, and tested on an iPhone 6 device. But I cannot use the simulators.

However, I’m using a Mac Mini 2011 which is now essentially out of date as I cannot update the OS any more and therefore Xcode is stuck on an old version. The simulator is running iOS 12. I’d have thought it should still work though? Can you confirm?

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