How do I start an new expo project to avoid being rejected by googleplay store

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  1. SDK Version:40+
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):
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My app got rejected on google play store recently which I created a topic for recently and havent got any response

The question is how do I start a fresh project to avoid the same problem.
The problem was this which I got an email about:

Issue with your app

Unclear feature description

We were unable to identify the feature that requires access to location in the background based on the declaration you submitted. To resolve this, please take one of the following actions:

Resubmit a declaration with a clear description or additional information regarding the one feature that requires access to location in the background. Even if your app has multiple features that require access to location in the background, please select only one feature and resubmit your declaration form.
Remove the permission from the app manifest as well as related source code for all APKs across all tracks (including internal test, closed, open tracks).

Can I create a fresh expo project to avoid the problem?

This is not something to do with how you initially create the app, but rather what permissions you specify and to some extent how you build the app.

See the following:

Also, try building with EAS Build instead of expo build:android

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