how do i solve this error.

Unable to resolve module 'module://@expo/vector-icons/Fontisto.js'
  Evaluating module://@expo/vector-icons/Fontisto.js
  Evaluating module://native-base.js
  Evaluating module://App.js.js
  Loading module://App.js
Error: Unable to resolve module 'module://@expo/vector-icons/Fontisto.js'
    at Object.eval (module://@expo/vector-icons/Fontisto.js!transpiled:1:113)
    at eval (module://@expo/vector-icons/Fontisto.js!transpiled:2:4)
    at eval (module://@expo/vector-icons/Fontisto.js!transpiled:3:3)
    at eval (<anonymous>)
    at [snack internals]
    at Object.n ([snack internals]
    at e.evaluate ([snack internals]
    at He ([snack internals]
    at [snack internals]

It doesn’t seem like @expo/vector-icons includes any Fontisto

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