How do I see the bottom toolbar in snack on my mobile?

I’ve been using snack on chrome (android) and have once or twice got the toolbar with the logs and problems tabs to be visible by accident. I really need access to the toolbar to be able to easily switch project files and check logs and other pro. Please can anyone advise?

Many thanks

Update: I’ve still not been able to solve this. On ipad I can see the menu only on Firefox but I cannot copy and paste but all the other browsers allow copy and paste. On android it just seems impossible. I’ve given up trying on my phone, it’s too time-consuming. It works great on my desktop (mac) so I guess it’s not the mobile solution I was hoping for :frowning: if anyone has a solution I’d love to know it.

Hi @suzywt

I’ve also run into this and other issues trying to use Snack on mobile. Unfortunately it seems that Snack doesn’t always work that well in a mobile browser.

I haven’t tried this myself, but perhaps you could poke around in the source code to see if you can improve it?

:joy: I’ve only just started learning, nobody is going to want me in this source code at the moment! Unfortunately I think react native changes a lot, I’ve not found one decent tutorial where the source code will still run without errors so I’m basically learning by trial and error which never leads to best practices.

In that case, you’re probably better off editing the code in local files on a computer instead of trying to edit Snacks using a mobile device :slight_smile:

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