How do I import a Swift package to an expo native module?

I’m following this guide to make my own native module: Tutorial: Creating a native module - Expo Documentation

For Android module, I can easily add 3rd party library by adding implementation 'library_name_and_version' to the build.gradle but I’m stuck with iOS module.

The problem is 3rd party library just available on Swift Package Manager, So the way adding dependencies to .podspec file is useless in this case.
I’ve tried to add a new file named: Packge.swift then add dependencies to it and run: swift package resolve to resolve the library, but it throw an error that I cannot import that library in native iOS class.
The library was

Thank you so much.

I think there is a solution for this might be trying to publish Appwrite SDK on Cocoapods and then import it as a dependency in .podspec but could be out of scope for this issue.

Is there any better solution?