How do I implement Redux on an Expo app?

Hello. So all redux on react native tutorials show you that to implement Redux you have to add some code on the App.js and other code on Index.js.

But here is the situation, there is no Index.js on Expo projects, so I cant implement Redux.

So for all of you that have implemented Redux on expo projects, how did you do it? Any tip will be welcome, I just really want to be finally able to implement redux

here is a gist of my current implementation

and the error this throws:
Invariant Violation: Could not find “store” in either the context or props of “Connect(App)”. Either wrap the root component in a <Provider>, or explicitly pass “store” as a prop to “Connect(App)”.


Here is link of u tub video of redux.
Its a really short app but nice example.
it may help you.
Utub :-
Github Link :-

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