How do I connect a custom dev-dev-client to react-native-debugger

I have built a custom dev client, but when I try to open the JS Debugger it uses React DevTools rather than react-native-debugger. I already set it to listen to port 19000

Also it works with Expo Go.

If you use the default opening command from react-native-debugger docs: "rndebugger://set-debugger-loc?host=localhost&port=8081" and enable the Remote JS Debugger from the Dev Client it should connect automatically.

Says macOS only I am on Windows. Also I switched it to 19000 per the instructions on the Expo pages.

Wasn’t aware that you are on Windows. Sorry about that.

Are you using react-native-debugger-open on Windows?

Nope but the debugger itself is open.

But it just won’t show the the tree.

Finally got it working. Few things

  1. tunnel doesn’t work with it from what I can tell
  2. you need to launch yarn start --dev-client and use 8081 as the port for react native debugger

Thanks for sharing your solution here! I’ll update the docs to use correct port number.