How deeplinking for a Password forgot for example


I am making an application with react native, expo, redux and middlewares. I don’t know how to handle the deep linking with expo. I have read the doc however I didn’t find any answers (on Internet as well)… So decided to implemented Stack Navigator to having routes. But nothing to do, it doesnt work…

What I want to do, it’s a deeplinking for a password forget. If I launch a link like : exp:// Expo tell me that “Something went wrong"and doesn’t launch my app… Even if I put a path in my routes.

How ever if I launch it by replacing the “/” at the end of the link by a “?” it’s working. I don’t understand…

I have something like this in my App.js

componentDidMount() {
        .then(url => {
          console.log("Launching application isn't load with link : " + url)
        .catch(err => {
            console.warn('Deeplinking error', err)
    Linking.addListener('url', this._handleOpenURL)

  _handleOpenURL(event) {
    console.log("Launching application in foreground with link : " + event.url)
  componentWillUnmount() {

I just want to open link like : exp://{…}

Thank you really much

I didn’t find any solutions right now :frowning:

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