How can you create math equations similar to LaTeX with Expo?

Everything I’ve tried gives me the error,

-Attempted import error: ‘requireNativeComponent’ is not exported from ‘react-native-web/dist/index’-

and I think that the problem is that they all require a native module, so I can’t use it unless I eject to ExpoKit.

Does anyone know any libraries that are compatible with Expo that can be used to create math equations?

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that error means the library does not support react-native-web. you could find any library that supports web to do this and import in a .web.js file so it’s only used on web


I guess it does work for the Expo android and iOS emulators, just not running it in web browser.

I’m not sure there is one that works on the web browser, as I’ve tried react-native-latex, react-native-math-view, react-native-mathjax, and react-native-katex.

If anyone knows of one that does then I would appreciate it.

This might not be the best answer, but something that might possibly work is to use katex's ability to render HTML to a string with a WebView.

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