How can I send a notification only once at a specific date?

In documentation I cannot see how I can choose a specific date, even though its mentioned its possible. All I see is:

async function schedulePushNotification() {
  await Notifications.scheduleNotificationAsync({
    content: {
      title: "You've got mail! 📬",
      body: 'Here is the notification body',
      data: { data: 'goes here' },
    trigger: { seconds: 2 },

that would send a notification every *(in this case 2 seconds)

i can also do:

trigger: {
minute: 16,
second: 12

that would send the notification at 4 pm and 12 seconds. but I cannot see how I can choose the day. I could calculate a month in seconds and pass it to seconds, but thats not very reliable and also would as I understand be repeating which i dont want.
How do I do it? I just want to send a reminder notification to users who havent been in the app for lets say 2 month so every time a user logs in a schedule a notification from plus 2 months

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