How can I request location permission after being denied by the user?

I’m using the following calls:

  • Location.requestForegroundPermissionsAsync();
  • Location.request Background Permissions Async().

My app revolves around these permissions, if the user does not accept them, he will not be able to use the app, so I want to give him the opportunity to accept again, how do I request it again? After it has been denied once, it is not requested most.

Hey @rgoliveirak2ip, this is the expected behavior that is set on the OS-level. As you can imagine, it would result in a poor user experience if apps were able to incessantly request permissions that a user has already denied.


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Adam is right. You can only ask once. As a workaround, you can prompt the user again (for example, with an altert) and I believe link them to the iOS Settings page where they can turn on the location permission.

Thanks my friend!!!

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