How can I prevent my app icon being made round on Android?

Expo around my icon, why ?


Please explain what the problem is. Maybe with screenshots to show what you mean. I don’t know what “Expo around my icon” means.

Also, please include the Expo SDK version and what platform you are experiencing the problem on.

Thanks wodin
I reexplain:
expo rounded the edges of my icon, why?
If I remove the adaptive icon, its going to go away?
sdk 39

I just want the square shape of the icon, a little rounded but not round.

Thanks, that’s a bit more understandable, but could you elaborate some more?

Is this on iOS or Android? Are you talking about the App icon? Have you seen the App Icons documentation?

See also the links from the App Icons documentation. e.g. the Android Adaptive Icons documentation shows how Android can “mask” the icon.

Thanks wodin for your attention.
If I remove the adaptive icon; would my icon be fixed on any phone?

I don’t want its to be round, I rather want its to be rounded.

I use expo on Android.
thank you in advance


I am no expert, but I don’t think you really have any control over that.

Are you saying that your icon is round and the icons of other apps are not? Could you post comparison screenshots?

Maybe some of the following links have some useful info:

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