How can i make a cloud build project?

Hello, dear expo development team and expo community! I am just starting to work with expo and do not yet know all its subtleties. Let’s say I already have a ready-made react native application, how can I create a cloud build for this project? I really hope for your help, as I really want to work with expo, I like all the functionality of this product. And I also really want to know: how can you create a cloud build? Dear expo dev team, for cloud build i need any programs: android studio or etc?

Hey @sourcecode007, if I’m following your question correctly it sounds like you’ll want to use EAS. Let me know if you have any further questions when trying to use EAS. One side note is you’ll have to sign up for the Priority plan Expo Application Services — EAS (there is a 30 day trial).


Hello, Adamjnav! Thank you for your answer! As far as I know, cloud build is free but the priority builds are paid.
One of the developers of the EXPO team, like you, told me that.

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Services like snack or cloud builds are free to use, but there is option to upgrade to premium that will allow e.g. priority builds

As far as I know, cloud build is free but the priority builds are paid.

As I mentioned in the linked post that is true for the current build service. For now, EAS is available only for users that sign up for a priority plan.

Let’s say I already have a ready-made react native application

If you already have existing react-native project that means you can either

  • use EAS
  • remove native code and convert it to managed (but if you just starting and if it’s small app it would be easier to just create new expo app and maybe copy parts you already implmeneted)

Thank you for your answer! I have a very important question: is a project compiled through expo exactly the same as if I did it locally through npm? Or will the applications run through Expo Go?

I have another question regarding the priority account. If I choose a 30 days priority account, can I return it back to a free account after 30 days?
If I choose 30 days Free Priority Account, will I be charged a fee after that time, or can I choose to switch back to Free Account without any issues or payouts?

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