How can I disable segment/IDFA?

I’m submitting an app for review to the app store and I would really prefer to say that I am not using the IDFA (because frankly I’m not, yet). How can I disable the IDFA usage in my binary?

You’ll need to make a custom IPA if you want to remove the Segment SDK. To do this currently, you’ll have to detach and use ExpoKit, and then modify the native code to remove Segment. Upgrades to ExpoKit won’t be as smooth because of the modifications to ExpoKit. Is there another reason you want to remove the IDFA? (For what it’s worth, other developers haven’t run into problems with it.)

I prefer to minimize my request of anything that could be considered personal data until I can use it to give back something of value to the user. Maybe that something could be better directed advertisements, but I’m not showing any advertisements yet.

Unfortunately, having just learned that my app is requesting this data, I’m going to have to take the time to really understand what segment is doing with it before submitting the app. Beyond just answering Apple’s questions, it would be irresponsible to submit without answering my own questions.

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