How can I create a fixed notification bar with React native?

how can I create such a fixed notification bar on the notification screen of the device with react native?


Hi @mehmeterdogan

I think you might need to write a native module for this.

See the following:


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Thank you. But I don’t know how to integrate this into my react native project

I think it would be best to do a bit of searching to see if someone has already implemented a module that does this. e.g. try looking at these:

If you can’t find an existing one, you will need to write your own native React Native module. Try Expo’s native modules and if you can’t get that to work then maybe try the RN native modules docs. If you try this, you could also ask questions about it on the #creating-expo-modules channel on Discord.

Assuming you do write a module for this, you would then install it in your app using npm or yarn. Then you would build your app with eas build ....

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thank bro

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