How are you suppose to debug OTA Updates?

I’m trying to add OTA Updates into the project I’m working no but in both dev and --no–dev (production) modes. In both cases, I end up with the catch block being triggered with the following error:

Error: Cannot check for updates in dev mode
    at createErrorFromErrorData (NativeModules.js:121)
    at NativeModules.js:78
    at MessageQueue.__invokeCallback (MessageQueue.js:398)
    at MessageQueue.js:137
    at MessageQueue.__guardSafe (MessageQueue.js:314)
    at MessageQueue.invokeCallbackAndReturnFlushedQueue (MessageQueue.js:136)
    at debuggerWorker.js:70

It doesn’t matter if I check the production toggle; in the web interface either, as I still get the same error

In my case, I want to wait for the download of the js bundle to finish and then ask the user to install the update. BUT I can’t easily check to see if the update code actually works because in order to run the update code I have to publish the app twice every time I make a change; which is super slow.

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