Hot reloading stop working suddenly

I am using exp start and last week everytime I saved my source files, it automatically restarted the app on the expo client. But this week, and no change was made on my config, the hot reload stops working. Now when I save my files, nothing happens on the client app, I have to refresh the app manually by shaking the phone. Any idea why hot reload could have stop working?

I am using VS Code on Windows 10 and using the latest expo.


I re-enabled the reload option from the expo client and it s now working again.

Glad you got it working. Hot reloading is a little bit flaky so you may need to disable/reenable it or sometimes just not use it, depending on context. Live reloading is a bit more reliable (but of course, less awesome).

This is a React Native issue not an Expo one but something we would like to make better over time!

Man Im stuck on here, Hot Reloading/ Live reloading isn’t working… How can i fix it ?




Yes i installed it fresh,

I have had this issue for the past few days and just figured it out, it was kinda my own fault, but I feel this is a slight issue with Expo.

The cause was because I was playing around with getting Expo to build an apk, and as a privacy measure I set “privacy” : “unlisted” in my app.json. If you have this, it will force production mode regardless of what mode you select, and production mode disables live reloading.

So, I should have realized this much sooner since it always says “Running app on … in production mode.”, but I don’t think the privacy tag should silently override this anyway.