hot reloading not working anymore

Hi there,
I used this fantastic hot reloading feature one year ago in my last project and it worked like a charm. Now, with current versions, I cannot get it running anymore. My setup:

  • expo-cli 3.0.10 on an Ubuntu 18.4 machine
  • Expo client app on an iPhone SE (physical device)
  • ‘tabs’ example expo project using SDK 34

When I change a file there just happens nothing. Live reloading works btw, when I save a change the whole app reloads, but that’s not really what I want.
Any ideas?

The whole app gets reloaded if you made changes to a screen which is not in the view of project expo-cli. Try navigating to the component where you are making changes and then check out.

Some time it can be problem with git. Looks completely unrelated that hot reload not working due to some problem with git, but it does.

to solve delete the git index.lock:
rm -rf .git/index.lock

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Thank u, oh, my god. I spent two days trying to solve this problem.