Hot reload reloads by itself without pressing save in IDE

I’m using expo go on both android and iphone. Since SDK 39, the apps seems to reload by itself in development mode, sometimes too much that all it does is flickering about. In the meantime what I did is to turn off the hot reload and relaod manually. Is there any solution to this? Are there anyone who experience the same thing?

Hey @huskerhelter, I haven’t encountered this personally but every now and then someone will mention encountering unexpected/undesirable. Can you let me know your environment info as welll as if this occurs with a new project?


Hi, thanks for the reply, I’ve tried it on a new project and it doesn’t behave that way. It only happen to this particular project ever since upgrading to SDK 39, it hot refresh unexpectedly. I’ve tried clearing cache but it still behaves that way.

here is the current version im using:
“expo”: “^41.0.0”,
“react”: “16.13.1”,
“react-native”: “”,