Host -> Tunnel only generating localhost address

I have an existing app built with Ignite and I’m trying to use it with Expo. It appears to load correctly in the XDE after editing my code and app.json according to these links:

But it will only spit out this url: http://localhost:19001 even with Host -> Tunnel selected.

I believe I’m supposed to get a long external url that I can share around, yes?

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Yes it is supposed to be a long external URL that you can share around. For example on OSX:

Something tells me that this is a problem on our end, we’ll look into it.

Ah, OK. Here’s a screenshot just for reference:

Ah, “good”. Having same problem, so i’ll bookmark this for updates… :blush:
(But i’m on Windows, not on a Mac… :sweat_smile: )

Edit, because i’n not sure about double-posts here :blush:

@kaxline and @jimmylee for me a re-install of Expo on Windows fixed it. Maybe it had something todo with the last security update from Microsoft. :thinking:
Because it was working all the time but on the next day i had this problem.

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Just to add another data point, I’m encountering this problem on macOS Sierra as well