High network activity

I have problem with my app, it has very high network activity. I have built standalone versions for iOS and Android and released them in Appstore/Play.

When starting the app it consumes around 13Mb from network. Sure we have some API calls to remote systems but expected data is < 10kb.

We have a video (6Mb) that is shown at startup, after bootstrap, but that video is bundled with the app. Switching to airplane mode, the video is never shown.

Also we have one user that has reported the app has consumed 770Mb in background for 2 days. According to him he has started the app but never logged in. To our knowledge we can not understand the high data consumption in background.

So the general question is how can I monitor the network activity to see and understand the data consumption.

Two more specific questions:
-why is not the video loaded when in airplane mode?
-what causes the app to consume high volume data in background?

Hi! I think @janic can probably help answer your questions about the video not playing in airplane mode.

Re: the network usage, that does seem unusual. Have you connected the device to something like Charles Proxy to inspect what the actual traffic is?

I have setup charles and installed the APK in the emulator. But I have some problems with SSL traffic since I need to modify the AndroidManufest.xml in order to see the content. Anyone that can give any guidance? I have followed this guide https://medium.com/@hackupstate/using-charles-proxy-to-debug-android-ssl-traffic-e61fc38760f7

Also I have tried using -tcdump and wireshark to analyze the traffic, following this guide https://www.devsbedevin.com/monitoring-android-network-traffic/. Problem with wireshark is that it creates 44Mb of logs just starting the app and it is very hard to see the actual traffic due to all TCP-packages :confused:

I still have struggles understanding the high network usage, anyone please help me :slight_smile:

@janic can you help me why the video will not play in airplane mode?

Wireshark let’s you filter by http address destination. Alternatively, install noroot firewall from the play store, export the logs, open in Wireshark and export xml or Jon - you can then search for ‘expo’ from the data using any text editor.

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