Hiding the Navigation Bar

Is there any API from expo to hide the android navigation bar? i’m talking about the bottom system navigation bar not the status bar :slight_smile: alt text

How to hide the Navigation Bar? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, this isn’t something you can do right now, but you can head over to canny to vote for the feature request: https://expo.canny.io/feature-requests/p/hide-android-bottom-buttons--fullscreen-mode

Any updates on that feature? Is there any workaround?

Actually, yes!

Check this pull request that was merged 20 hours ago:

That’s fantastic! Thanks @wodin for the info.

Now, a couple questions:

1.- Where do you precisely add “androidNavigationBar” in app.json? Under “expo”?
2.- Do I need to reinstall or update expo afterwards?

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I have not tried this, but:

  1. I think you would put it at the same level as the androidStatusBar option. i.e. under expo. The following URL shows the updated documentation. As you can see the config looks very similar for androidStatusBar and androidNavigationBar:

See the following for an example of androidStatusBar showing that it lives under expo:


  1. You will need a version of expo released after the change was merged in (there isn’t one yet), or else you’ll need to build it yourself. I have not tried to do this myself.

Well, I guess I’ll have to be a bit more patient then :slight_smile:

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