Here's how you can use Font Awesome 5 in a managed expo app

Problem with react-native-fontawesome

react-native-fontawesome is the official React Native component for Font Awesome.

It uses react-native-svg as its svg supporting module. But in managed Expo app, import {svg} from 'expo' is the right way to do it. Thus using react-native-fontawesome might cause an Error:

Error: tried to register two views with the same name rnsvgrect

My Solution

I rewrote the component with Expo svg module in TypeScript. Now it works perfectly in managed Expo apps.:beers:

It’s called expo-fontawesome


$ npm i --save expo-fontawesome


$ yarn add expo-fontawesome


Exactly like the official component, very minor difference. See the repository for more details.

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Thanks for sharing this with us, @heikezy! :clap: