Help with recovering code from Expo servers

I accidentally removed all the code using Git and can’t restore it.
Fortunately, I just published my app. How can I restore the files in the server??


I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but your code is not recoverable from the servers. What is published to the CDN is a minified version of your source code. It isn’t what you see in your text editor. It’s always best to regularly push your code to a code storage platfrom like github.


Thank you Adam for the quick reply and the professional help. I kind of had a feeling about what you just said. The accidental delete happened after taking a bad advice about something i tried to do with Git which deleted all the last versions I didn’t push yet. Anyway, I took the day to recode all the features I added since the last push. In the end, it got even better than before the loss as I spotted some places to improve… Thanks anyway Adam

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