Help with diagnosing crashes from excessive wakeups

Exceeding limit of 150 wakeups per second over 300 seconds

Date/Time:       2018-11-30 11:34:53 -0500
End time:        2018-11-30 11:35:09 -0500
OS Version:      iPhone OS 12.1 (Build 16B92)
Architecture:    arm64
Report Version:  27
Incident Identifier: 7CAD39F8-442D-4803-A64F-452782206549

Data Source:     Microstackshots
Shared Cache:    0x56e2c000 D617F0D7-1356-3389-950D-452E482A51D9

Command:         ExpoKitApp
Path:            /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/111EDF8C-66E8-40EF-B468-2857D6DB7935/
Version:         1.29.1 (1)
Beta Identifier: 998B61C0-9E72-4FC6-92A6-49DDACCB1BE2
PID:             3853

Event:           wakeups
Action taken:    none
Wakeups:         45002 wakeups over the last 235 seconds (191 wakeups per second average), exceeding limit of 150 wakeups per second over 300 seconds
Wakeups limit:   45000
Limit duration:  300s
Wakeups caused:  45002
Duration:        16.11s
Steps:           17

Hardware model:  iPad5,4
Active cpus:     3
Boot args:

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