Help starting a React Native Unity plugin?

Hello, I’m considering making a config plugin for react-native-unity integration, and would like to know if its impossible before I dive in too deep.

I think I can get the Android config done, but I’m not sure about iOS.

Here are the instructions for integrating Unity into React Native project:

Build Unity app to [project_root]/unity/builds/ios
Add Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj to your XCode: press the right mouse button in the Left Navigator XCode -> Add Files to [project_name]... -> [project_root]/unity/builds/ios/Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj
Add UnityFramework.framework to General / section Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content
Select Data folder and set a checkbox in the "Target Membership" section to "UnityFramework"
You need to select the NativeCallProxy.h inside the Unity-iPhone/Libraries/Plugins/iOS folder of the Unity-iPhone project and change UnityFramework’s target membership from Project to Public. Don’t forget this step!*6v9KfxzR6olQNioUp_dFQQ.png
In Build Phases remove UnityFramework.framework from Linked Binary With Libraries
In Build Phases move Embedded Frameworks before Compile Sources ( drag and drop )

Is anything in here not possible with a config plugin? It seems pretty complicated

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