Help setting up Facebook Ads using AdMob mediation

Is there anyone using Facebook Audience Network via AdMob mediation? The docs aren’t very clear on setting this up, but I assume it’s a common use case. I have been running AdMob ads just fine. I then followed these instructions on setting up mediation with Facebook Ads.

My confusion while using Expo is how to configure Facebook Ads while serving them through AdMob. For example, can I set the test device via FacebookAd.AdSettings.addTestDevice, and will that value be passed to Facebook when serving ads through the component? If not, is it currently possible to do this another way? I haven’t had any luck serving Facebook Ads and AdMob ads without using both FacebookAds.BannerView and AdMobBanner components, which seems to defeat the purpose of mediation. Any examples of someone successfully running FacebookAds with AdMob mediation would be greatly appreciated.

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