Help for my first project, expo command not found!

Hi after installing node, i get this error while starting expo command.

zsh: command not found: expo

I think it is a problem due to the bash_profile file and I think I have already messed up a lot with this file.

node -v
npm bin -g
(not in PATH env variable)

I also post the contents of the bash_profile.swp file

b0VIM 8.1¸NrootAir-di-air.home~root/.bash_profile
U3210#"! Utpadù≈Í∆≈ 

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:${PATH}

can anyone help me with this?

Just check the PATH in ~/.zshrc you have:

export PATH=~/.npm-global/bin:$PATH

then run source ~/.zshrc to update. If zsh is your default shell the next time you login it will remain.

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Thanks for your help!
it doesn’t work, I added the line to .zshsrc and then gave “source” from the terminal but it always gives me the same error.

➜  ~ source ~ / .zshrc
➜  ~ expo init Mapsfood
zsh: command not found: expo
➜  ~ 

If npm is in your profile, did you do that after installing Expo? If so uninstall and reinstall expo.

Run: whereis expo

to see where it is. make sure that’s in your path.

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