Helix - Habit Tracking app

Hey, everyone! I am working on a habit tracking app. In this thread I will post my progress and updates.

The link to the app is here, and you can find the source code here.

This is my first project, and I’m super proud of it =) So far I have implemented just the basic functionality, but it works! You can create habits, edit them(long press on the habit’s title), and set several levels of checkboxes. Sweet. React Native and Expo are so fun!


Awesome, it looks cool!

You might want to hit the publish button XDE and then you’ll get a permanent URL for your project that will work even if you turn your computer off or are in the middle of making changes. It will load faster too.

Look forward to seeing your progress :slight_smile:


Thank you for your advice! Updated the url to the permanent one =)


Awesome! :smiley: I like the straightforward UI. What do you think you would work on next in it?

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Thanks! There’s a lot to be done. I wanted to build this app because I loved using Track and Share on iOS, and couldn’t find anything like this on Android, and there’s much to do before helix is anything like Track and Share =)

  • First I’ll finish my React Native courses and improve the code - learn to use navigator, add redux, etc. Also debugging, improving design, getting out of beta, etc.
  • I want to allow users to export/import the data, or back it up with dropbox.
  • Calendar view would be great.
  • Different habit types. Now the only possible states are empty/fail/checkmark/great, because that’s the system I like to use, but it would be awesome to make it customizable. Allow people use any icons and labels they want. So people could track number of miles they’ve ran or number of hours they’ve read, number of words they’ve written, etc. And the daily targets for those.
  • I have this cool idea about integrating it with Pomodoros. There would be a “Pomodoro” habit type. When you click on a habit it launches a timer, and it counts the amount of pomodoros you’ve completed in a day. That’d be extremely useful.
  • Allow people to rearrange habits by drag and drop
  • Calculate “streaks” - show how many consecutive days you’ve successfully completed the habit.
  • Maybe add reminders.
  • Assign color to the habits.
  • Maybe add some neat charts and graphs to conveniently see statistics.
  • Setting the schedule for each habit.
  • Maybe add categories, if a user needs to track a lot of habits.

That’s what I’ve got planned so far. Any feature suggestions are welcome! =)

It’s amazing! Thanks!