Has anyone used twilio-chat with expo?

This bit of code doesn’t work

import * as Chat from 'twilio-chat';

// inside async function
this.client = await Chat.Client.create(token)

This step makes the app unresponsive, and there’s no error in the console, even when placed inside a try block.

After I first installed twilio-chat, it complained about not having access to the Node events API. I installed events - npm (events support for non-node platforms) and that rectified the issue.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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Having the same issue here.
Really want to know if this is a problem with expo or if I’m doing something wrong

What version of expo are you running? Have you resolved this?

Hey! I was having this same issue today - and for me the issue was console logs. If you are logging out ANY of the values which get returned from the twilio-chat methods, remove them and it should work… i foun if you still want to view logs you have to do it via the remote debugger :slight_smile: Hope that helps!

Encountering the same issue today with @twilio/conversations, initializing the client just hangs the app with no errors in console.