Handle Push Notifications Before Displaying

User activity in our app can lead to push notifications being sent to other users. This means we have no control over the notification frequency for a given user. To prevent these notifications becoming annoying we would like them to be handled directly by the app without them appearing in the status bar.

Taking into account the notification frequency, the app can then choose to notify the user via local notifications.

In a word: is this possible? If so, how :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

Your best option would be to parse this at a high level from the server. :sweat_smile:
Technically this might be possible on android but it definitely isn’t possible on iOS. :neutral_face:

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Thanks Bacon. Handling everything server side is our fallback solution, I was just hoping we could do it client side.

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I feel ya, server side will save you a lot of suffering in the future… :relieved::innocent:

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