Guys, seriously, when are we getting the option to disable Android screen sizes? This is bad

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 41
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

Expo still doesn’t an option for disabling Android screen sizes. I always bring this up asking for a solution on this site and no one seems to care or have a solution.

This is an extremely basic and critical feature for allowing developers to create serious applications within the Expo managed workflow. Currently, if a developer wants to create a phone only Expo application and release it on Android it is genuinely impossible. The developer has to eject, it’s the only way. This makes the managed workflow unusable for any app that needs to be phone only, that is a lot of apps!!! This is a critical feature.

With how common this use case is, I just can’t believe it isn’t a part of the SDK, it seriously doesn’t make sense. Android allows developers to disable screen sizes with a few lines of code in the manifest, why can’t expo offer this as an option in the app.json? Expo already generates the Android manifest, why can’t it add another few lines of code to it?

you can do this today with eas build. write a config plugin to do what is explained in How to restrict app to Android phones only - Stack Overflow or Declare restricted screen support  |  Android Developers

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This is easy to do in your Android manifest xml file. See my recent blog post for instructions. Implementing React Native Responsive Design Part 1 : Limiting and Scaling - Bendyworks

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