gradlew error in almost empty project

Hi, i’m trying out EAS but I’m getting an error I dont really understand.

[stderr] : not found gradlew:
[stderr] : not found: gradlew:
[stderr] : not found: gradlew:
[stderr] gradlew: 68: gradlew: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting "in")
Build failed: sh exited with non-zero code: 2

There isn’t much to go off of here, I would start by googling the error message you’re getting and trying to find similar issues. If this is happening when bundling a specific package you’re using, try searching that package’s repo for the issue

Hi Charlie, I fixed the issue, it was due to my gradlew using CRLF and EAS only seems to take LF, so I converted the file to use LF line endings.

Ah, thanks for letting us know!