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I’ve seen this topic but I can’t find the way to implement Google Signout. How should I authenticate my request to identitytoolkit.relyingparty.signOutUser (with the accessToken in the Authentication header? with a Google API key?)? Do I need to include additional scopes to my Expo.Google.loginAsync call?

I’m getting various errors calling signOutUser: missing localId. Where can I get this localId?

Thanks a lot in advance!

We have the same question.

For what it’s worth, I think the “correct” way to sign out a user that was signed in using the iOS or Android Google sign-in SDKs is to issue a signout call to the same SDK, rather than making a separate server call. I also haven’t seen any documentation on the “identitytoolkit.relyingparty.signOutUser” API and I’m not sure that’s even intended for this use case.

Could Expo add a way to call signout directly as part of the Google module? Without calling signout explicitly, there’s no way for the user to sign back into our app with a different Google account without uninstalling and reinstalling the app entirely.

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That seems like a good request. Can you check to make sure it’s not here and then add it?

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Just created a feature request:

Could you please upvote it if you’re also interested?

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