[Google Play] Expo and Google Play app signing system


I’ve been working on an App starting with CRNA.
My app is ready. My Google play account is ready. :fire:

I’ve been building my Android app APK. I’ve tested it on my phone. It works :love_you_gesture:

Now i’ve created my Alpha Version. Uploaded my APK and everything is done.

I need only one thing next : Register your app with the Google Play app signing system

I’ve read the keystore details in the keystore informations.

So i do have my .jks file with Keystore password, key alias and password.

What should i do next ?
The guidelines on Google Play consider you’re developing a native android app, so i’m a bit lost here.

Which step should i do ? Which one should i skip ?

Thanks for your time !

An expo app is an native android app. Did you go through those instructions, it should work for you.

Hi @edgar.

i want to go through these instructions, but i’m facing some uncertainty.

Should i do the step 1, 2 and 3 ?
What should i replace foo.keystore with ?

What should i do with the my-name-app.jks file expo provided me using ‘exp fetch:android:keystore’

That would be actually nice to have an Article about how to process through the Google Play Signing App program after building an Android app from Expo. :slight_smile:


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