Google map is not loaded on standalone Android only (likely a API credential issue?)

Maps are not loaded on standalone Android only. It works on iOS (in form of Apple map) and Expo client app as container (both Android and iOS). I am using Expo SDK 36.

I have been stuck with this problem and feel clueless how to debug. I don’t have much knowledge on all the details so I have spent a week without progress. I really appreciate your help!

By reading other posts, this seems to be a problem with the Google API credentials. I have activated/enabled “Maps SDK for Android” in my project in Google Developer Console and I have also created API Key. I have followed the respective instruction where I set the Application restriction to “Android apps” and entered the package name and SHA-1 certificate. For the SHA-1 Certificate I added the one from Google Play Console (under my app name>Setup>App signing>App signing key certificate) as well as the one from running expo fetch:android:hashes

One issue I have here is that I have 3 different projects in my Google Developer Console and I am not sure actually which one is the relevant one (is there any way how to figure this question?). So I have repeated the above steps for enabling Maps SDK and creating the credentials for all of three projects. Then I tried with all three API Keys in my app.json file and rebuild for Android and uploading the apk file in the device, but it still seems not working. (well, earlier I only did a expo publish which was faster process but then I read that might not be effective against changing the android.config.googleMaps.apiKey so I did expo build which is longer, in both cases in no avail. But I wondered what the correct way of testing would be)

Another point; when I run the following command to print out the signer on a generated .apk file, the Owner and Issuer have a different package name than my current package name. This is because the package name was changed a while ago. Could this be the cause of the problem?
keytool -printcert -jarfile myBuild.apk

I know my description is somewhat messy, but I so much appreciate it if you can give me hint on narrow down the problem.

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